"Don’t waste sunsets with people who will be gone by sunrise."
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Sometimes people ask me about how I created my little media empire. This is how.
Ira spent 20 years working at NPR before he started This American Life. Twenty years making mistakes, learning from them, thinking about what he’d do with his own show. When he started This Life, NPR turned him down. After 20 years. Told him to do it on his own. So he went out and won some fucking Peabodys.
The day Ira told me he enjoyed a particular episode of my stupid comedy podcast that I didn’t even know he’d every heard of much less listened to was one of the proudest days of my life. For serious.
And speaking of serious: SERIOUSLY, MAKE YOUR THING.


Self-portrait, 2013
Heather Cleary

Anonymous: What does this bright golden yolk do for 40hr a week? I await new insights into your mind.

Come off anon and I will tell you.

Anonymous: Hello old soul, what have you been up to? What adventures have been laid upon your feet?

I’ve learned the gravity of time through having a 40-hour week. I am a bright, golden yolk, freed from the shell of my fragility to experience love and loss.

degaussers: JE T'AIME

moi aussi xx

hey hey everyone

Try and Beat This Mars, 2003 - Matt Mullican

Anonymous: Come back! I miss your blog :-(

You’ve given me the fire to return. Stay tuned, my friend.

"The throbs tick off eternities"

Hello friends,

Two years ago, I made my first Tumblr post — an excerpt from one of my favorite author’s short stories, “One of the Missing,” by Ambrose Bierce. It can be found on the 200th page of my blog. Over the years, I’ve posted hundreds of photographs, writings, songs, quotes, etc. and now I believe Tumblr has served its purpose for me. Tumblr helped me express how I’ve changed in early adulthood, and it’s grounded the kind of person I am today. I’ve made some wonderful friends all over the world who I never would have encountered otherwise. I’ve developed a fondness for communicating with people through handwritten letters that have allowed me to make closer connections with lovely people. For that especially, I am grateful. 

I have loved this website for a long time, but it’s come to a point where it’s taking too much of my time. After one more semester, I will have graduated with a degree. I’ll be starting a new chapter of life — one that hopefully involves a sort of return to normalcy. Less Internet, more life. And I know to some people this will seem dramatic or overly sentimental. There’s a new culture on Tumblr that I’ve fallen into myself where making fun of things or not taking things seriously is humorous. I’m guilty of succumbing to this and adapting this style of humor, but that doesn’t mean I want to keep it up. I just really want to get away from it. Looking back to my earlier posts, I miss the joy I once felt from posting and looking through my dashboard at thoughts that really meant something to me. Maybe one day I will return, but, for now, I need to go.

It’s been a great pleasure to interact with people here, and I’ve bookmarked the blogs I’d like to keep up with. (You know who you are, friends!) It’s a beautiful thing to be able to share one’s thoughts and feelings, and I love you for opening up to me like that and allowing me into a glimpse of your soul.

Much love,



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This is hair


Looks so cozy.

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